rokeby_venus (rokeby_venus) wrote in spokenstories,

Welcome to spokenstories! I'm Jen, maintainer, moderator and tyrant-in-chief. I've been telling stories to an unsuspecting public for about five years now, mostly as a tour guide but briefly as a children's party entertainer. It's amazing how well children react to party entertainers who dress up as 17th century plague victims. Now, after a few months away from guiding, I am missing my storytelling and looking to refresh my skills and put them to use.

The purpose of this community is to talk about all aspects of oral storytelling, from its traditional uses to its uses in modern society, from performing technique to the stories themselves. I may offer regular discussion topics, it depends on how we're doing for members and how energetic I'm feeling at the time. Its secondary function is as a diary of storytelling events. I keep an eye on what's going on in the UK in general, Scotland in particular (since I'm based in Edinburgh). If you would like to contribute by letting us know what's going on in your area, please do!
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